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Battle Raps



  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Still no hater, it Happens I like to battle
    Freestyler battler, call me king killa
    Flow like Masta Killa, Wu- tang track banga
    Forgive the playa for sinning, kilo don't mean to be stuff
    Bluff when kilo has too, flow multies make others feel foolish
    Too many blood stains on your lines, call kilo Lucky
    Its still pimping With new nick names kilo, lines that kill you
    Have are comeback than commando's mind before he became ugly
    War is crazy, respect kilo like his car, nascar live up import tuners
    Uza wanna be, like still in the making acting production, forget your remarks humor
    Don't hate I do this for fun, battling is hobby like sports playing football
    This artwork is nothing but give you dude bad looks, like taking toys from a baby
    They still talk like parenting, still saving lives, so don't take my style too seriously
    Pissing you off what causes stubborn anxeity turn you fags into quick prostitute, so ho respect your pimp
    Then stick 20inch dildo in your lovers buttux, feel Love yal is always bringing that true love to yal wimps...
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Kung Lao combo, finisher slicer like mk 9
    Shine like your losing point
    Make you mad like you can't take it, Ima clean like mr. Clean
    You dirty like stank draws, musky monkey donkey
    You tried to be cocky,
    Give your emeny's love, throwing bombs cannin them
    Forget being afraid or shook, lines of yours are too simple
    Bust like pimple, your freestye verse need clearasil
    Proactive, I stay face wash, comback protection, uza make up, I saw you
    Bean Pie eater, hi hater, playa for losing team I seen you too, funny dude.
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    My battles are like a school of Pacu's hidden like pirhanas
    Asian rivers I see you cry when you lose battles
    They keep comparing you as a turtle
    Your responds are too slow, to one who made the hurdles
    My bars are fast like when lighten sees its enemy
    Verse strike cowards, lines are nice like flowers,
    knock you with your power, call you a loser
    I keep pimping your verse, I smack you with many good stories
    Let you choose a concept blind fold, win my lines like poker, sorry
    Have one of my battlers throw my lines at you like cards, call my style Gambit
    You X-men feen, stopp thinking my bars roll in groups, they throw out there fatalites
    Like Mortal Kombat but pg-13 version, similar like Marvle vs. Capcom, I punish you like new release
    Call you sweet juice, dismissed all your flows, with target practice, one line dismiss your style in peace..
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Son you can't rap
    You talk hard because you got rocks in your mouth
    If I was kidding you probly got yo teeths knocked out
    feeling like you got rocks in yo mouth
    This line was borrowed not biting, everybody is talking like different language
    So I decide it to borrow, mix yo style hit yo mouth with drum sticks, make beat like watch out now
    Switch the style I'm yo coach like the Packer and Steelers, have you working out
    While I'm joking and be like that guy, where are my winners, I'm out...
  • maxseveneightmaxseveneight Posts: 41
    edited February 2011
    change your style like cage
    give cats bruises like aids
    78 in a rage
    your a corny mc like maize
    your a joke and
    return your style like its broken
    your chicks cheating on you
    claiming the relationships open
    listen and youll get roped in
    your under my power
    now get in the corner and cower
    from 7 am to the final hour
    rocking 24 like jack bauer
    lemon mcs get sour
    hip hop aint dead its sleeping
    you drown trying to hang in the deep end
    like ninjas im creeping
    wack alarm beeping
    soul reaping
    death god status
    ask the michealangelo whose the raddest
    like max im the maddest
    502 cats are the baddest
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    The style from Japan
    I attack your clans, seconds
    Neva was joking, I was testing
    Yo stlye is ill, must be lazy, yo lines are resting
    Cia undercover, yo bars arrested, like Cnn
    For world dumbest rhymes,
    knock u out like homey the clone
    No one buying your albums
    Heard your mixtapes already,
    Noone wants to listen to that bum
    You the type who'll step in the club
    Lose at a pool game, come out broke
    Decide to rap in stage choke on the mic
    Then you pass out, left people laughing
    Then you woke...
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    You too soft like playdough
    Your style is too broke
    A bag is enough for a christmas present
    But I don't recommended, feeling my verse
    You got high enough
    And got arrested like the Cops from Los Angeles
    Try to play me a game of spades
    Ho got jaked harder then Blow screw ups
    Your booth lyrics is like listing Uncle Buck in the shower
    This guy still searching for more power like Donald Trump customers
    Shut up like people in punshiment do your chores, that's order..
    You got played worser than the Arcades in Mall with no quarters..
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Is like Alien war like xbox
    Area 51, I'll throw you a building, I'll be smashing
    Others be car crashing, falling in love, In my lusting
    Got Autozone back up, lord above us, so I'll punish you as you get smarter
    Trying to waste my enemy's head, I keep cutting you with razor blades
    Give you a fresh cut, professional barber style because you need it
    Like cousin It from the Addam's family
    What you got? Melted flow like cheese sandwiches
    Darn baby my vultures are hungry, but I'll finish you
    Like jail plates from gang related tv show
    Jokes don't get offended, this kid acts like he has better lines than tattoos
    You won the Opera Academy Awards show for screaming to tell you,
    This battle rap is only a practice, is how playboy takes you to school..
  • WiirdoWiirdo Posts: 80
    edited February 2011
    You'll get a baptism of fire cos I ain't like John,
    Rip through you like a passage of the Holy Q'uran,
    Not sent by God or Allah but I'm a chosen scribe,
    I ain't liable for libel from my diatribe
  • C-LOS GC-LOS G Posts: 198
    edited February 2011
    I got almost nothin left to loose,
    no dues, so if u yous choose
    to beef wit me yall betta see
    that really aint shit u can do,
    you outranked here like this Jesus,
    my thesis is I'm on a higher spiritual,
    emotional, and mental plane, u can't
    understand cuz u lame, my rhymes never
    tame, this a game, the main range pained
    with the presence of yall descendants of
    greatness, but this aint bliss cuz now days
    I gotta blaze to tolerate ya rhymes, time
    after time always bout the same shit, it may
    be a hit, but u slit rap's throat wit them jokes,
    I may b broke, but nope I rap real, rap unique,
    not weak, deep and awake like my boy Drake,
    but yall still late, make it up here near me on this
    heightened plateau, cuz u kno wut, my knowledge
    should make me royalty like KING TUT..........
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Must be krazy Bones, still holding 206 bones
    You sing , rip the raps of that song
    Son lower you tone, this isn't wood stock
    Got my lines twisted like you see angles ripping demons
    You entered heaven, where blue sky smashing yo hell
    Visual lost like Jupiter storm rhyming with love you go crazy
    I finish you off the wackest bars, leave my flow alone, it inspires haircuts
    I cut you up, give you a fade, griffti behind yo head you lost
    Then you came back, so I can rubb on yo head, and I say what up son?....
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    I did it know how I be ripping these coward
    Givin them powers, feel there pain for hours
    Couldn't defeat love, you won, yo have to be confused
    Fighting like Virtue fighter whooping butts for hours
    Keep laughing at these wimp, thinking they true M.c
    Sound crispy like fries from yo favorite reataurant
    Trying to go to audio got youself removed like gum like class table
    Watching what you trying to do, turn on the comedy channel
    Learn similarty laughing at both show sounds the same, like joke cable
    Yo keep up yo skills everyone will get there, thanks to Tom Green or Werdio or Chappelle..
  • C-LOS GC-LOS G Posts: 198
    edited February 2011
    Aey bitch this so rich cuz
    u won't even show ya own face,
    u may as well jus lace yaself in pink
    bow, u weaker than any homo
    so now ya task to bask in my lyrical
    light even tho it's night u jus might
    be a joke, nope that's a fact, I'll
    tell u where I'm at cat u shoulda
    stayed the splat of nut on ya mom
    butt, yall jealous ass scrubs outta luck
    if u keep tryna lie on me, yall will see
    that I'm jus G enuff to call yall bluff.....
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Watch yo mouth, you toddlers from pre-k
    Only gets smart mouth, when parents being raped
    Its caos that don't show the face,
    You probly two face, I rip you in one place
    This cave, sending Lurch back to the Addam's Family to live one face
    Being in peace, straight audio, I understand where you come from
    Its hard, when you can't rhymes, run out flows
    Battling someone hard, you forget to rap
    You probly talk some junk, you probly close to bag of potatos chip
    Fastfood or pizza make you wanna quit the rap
    Go eat enjoy yo life, instead looking like cheetah everyday
    Don't get offended, straving for good bars, can be kind diffcult
    Anyways, sometime I feel, I'm throwing too much comeback
    I wonder if you my true sister
    Fix you up like new system
    Uza lightweight trying to batter, I'm Hulk Hogan in game
    Put those other wrestlers to shame
    You may talk a good one
    Probly listen to some Mobb Deep
    Not trying to bite, but can you last
    The Crowd, that laugh in yo face
    Have to go light to y'all guys
    Eating salad in the face
    Make healthy peron feel better there place
    Junk like smoking doing drugs
    Drinking yo pops wiskey is no good
    Closed case, you want to do better
    Then tag teaming yo moms
    Leaving sperm every where like hardcore porn
    All over yo moms or moms sister,
    Your pops can get raped by bunch of gays
    How you taking that junk
    Flow a couple bars, not to offend yo fam
    To battle y'all cowards, n get eat up like bears and Lions
    Don't why these fake m.c are crying
    Its only going to lead to I'm sorry gives a hug for free
    Saying you had the wackest rhymes, possily any geek can be ....
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Forget that nothing seriouly
    Tired of raping yo family,
    getting offend I'm too good and of story
    For being fake forget I what said
    I got bars, to battle you cats for free
    Smoothing out working on cars
    You probly thought I was an Angel
    How letting you rap for free
    Hey I'm only talking that rap
    To see how far you fag will take
    Free battle any concepts
    Not hurt your feeling,
    But comeback, like boomrang, battling again
    To expose what the best battle attack
    Y'all dudes nothing wack
    Getting bored not even on audio
    But everyone knows I slam these track like the hip hop of Shaq
    The NBA of raps, autographs, when I'm back In my mode player
    No hater, but we still learning the game, like Celtic vs. The Pacers
    You too can be awsome an player but don't get eaten to those who are greater..lol
    you thought I was going to say gator...lol...I don't know I'm just trying to rap and rhyme.
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    You like new erra , you'll lose like white sox
    Try to win like the red sox
    What's up, what lines you got?
    Use up the recycle bin, all the those lines are used up
    They keep geting upset, that they handle the truth, you too wack
    Every track you tried to rap sound worser than broken stereo..
  • maxseveneightmaxseveneight Posts: 41
    edited February 2011
    respect due
    mad sick call me flu
    drop jewel
    you drop bull
    ky repping
    mic checking
    hip hop beckons
    time to start flexing
    grab the backpack
    murder it and dip like the zodiac
    its an easy feat
    your rhymes petit
    spit rhymes that will ruin ur insides like bleach
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    You not drunk but freestyle are sloppy
    You think you funny, join the comedy channel
    Okay not hear trying to hurt yo feeling, you ain't good
    Yo own friend can beat you in rap with soap in his mouth
    You will say my verse stink, smell who's breath is stinking
    Get a breath ment, you might flow fresh, have a winter fresh
    Now you flowing fresh, we all can freestyle, I won like Aurburn..
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Voice are speaking waiting to dropp an album
    These feens on his boy worth then 40/40 club
    They keep threating his boy freestyle and murk the beat
    That hot single Kanye and Jay-z ham, murking those playboys on that intrumentals
    Those crowds are come back on booth worser than er patient
    There boy is more doctor to fix them up after surgery
    They try to bite, they got caught worser than burgerly
    Like Fbi player rapping over cop intro using that as instrumental
    The battler is nice warm up, makes kriss kross wanna comeback for a remix
    But you going backwards after for exchange, had to dropp something like award show...
  • DakariDakari Posts: 9,387 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2011
    niggas wanna battle rap ha?
    imma come in with them bars that'll make ya soul clap ha?
    i dont even do this shit ha?
    still flow like an oil slick ha?
    Keystyle killin you bitches like Mike Vick ha?
    say you run the IC too ha?
    remember when that shotty had ya moms in the ICU ha?
    niggas said my shit was wack ha?
    only and last post in Roc the Mic so prepare for the fade to black brah
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Yo back the raps to attack
    Jaws is always round, my raps
    Attack before you rap
    You wack like old mix track
    But if I made in old mix track
    I'm like Cutmaster C, I think you Envy
    Leave you clue, I still listen to Clue and Envy
    You wack..old track..call you a track.
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Yo pops mom duky, when they saw the bars from heaven
    Release yo cowards like jails cells,
    scoop you up throw you back in the jail cell
    They want to hate the style, you got more kid in you
    But the bars are not for play, you too comedy like Kid n play
    You flow stinks, why dont you gargle a gallon of scope, then call yoself flow fresh
    You think you great but you not Tony the tiger, get lost, because you being laughed at
    And your jokes are never hired...please don't get emotional, like protected family, we need to take out of rehab..
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    Tales from the crypt, you got scared, when told you can't rap
    Yo you can't rap like final exam, yo style is failure
    Yo threats are like get off the stage, you anit punishing kids
    I'm too president, let's my krew show you how to rock the stage
    You wacks stay out like bugs and flies, or I will call the terminex
    Have them spray yal like terminator..good bye..My flow attacks like dinosuar T-rex..
  • love yallove yal Posts: 1,327
    edited February 2011
    forget you leaving, I'm haunt you like gang of ghost
    Talk that junk, I'm grab you like Marvle vs. Capcom
    Defeat you like you toast, my punchlines are fireworks
    I won like 4th of July, you got bogus rhymes, you want whut
    Yo kid you can't win, they try to disrespect the man, I'm just
    Embarrassing their plans, leave them red face, like I call them cowards..
  • WiirdoWiirdo Posts: 80
    edited February 2011
    My girl's a crazy bitch hey, yo, I ain't messin'
    I went down on her, did a bit of delicate-essen,
    You may not think this is my actual,
    Life but this is factual,
    Maybe I'll write in a book, it be autographical,
    I'm dyslexic so the text lacks capitals,
    Crack the sternum and scapula by breaking the clavicle,
    Your heart's palpable, I'll use a hand shovel and scalpel,
    Grab it, and stab it, your death will be tranquil,
    You'll be pretty fucking thankful that I didn't strangle you,
    And smash your fucking fragile mandible,
    That means a glass jaw, you'll look permanently in awe,
    Your chin gave less resistance than Ohm's Law,
    Speaking of jaws, how's Liz, is she on his,
    Little wiz, bit it and turn him to a Ms.,
    The dude used to have more hair than Castro,
    He couldn't whip his hair back and forth because it was afro,
    Now when he sings his voice is an alto,
    Basically she just fucking mangled it, twisted and tangled it,
    Now he'll need a plastic surgeon and a fucking ambulance,
    Put together to mend it and make it better,
    Cos his dick was grated like cheddar

    His name is Lenny, and he is known as reviled,
    The cops compiled, and filed his mild assault on a child,
    His alias is Pete. O. File, from the Emerald Isle,
    The style of someone on Jeremy Kyle,
    His other is Moe Lester, the kids he loves to pester,
    He hides a little wester than Leicester during the semester
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