Rap Jargon: What do rappers mean when they say..

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things like, "I didnt have the proper machine behind me to support my album"


"Just trying to find the right machine to put behind my next project"

what MACHINE are they talking about.


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    Its a built in excuse for when they flop. When something gets hot, most these internet clowns claim its some mysterious machine behind it and not the actual music. The machine is called the masses of people. If your shit is hot the masses will like it, which forces the radio station to play and your video to get played. That leads to more promotion from the record company and also shows and concerts. These clowns think that every time they make a song a record company is suppose to go out and spend money trying to promote them when the masses arent even feeling it. Business just dont work like that.

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    yeah that makes sense.

    because the only artists ive ever heard talk about having the "machine" behind them are has-beens or cats that cant get a major deal.
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    i figured the machine was the label... if they dont back the artist no way it can reach the masses.. they the ones who got the money to invest in u and make u seem appealing.. thats why they have all those marketting graduates n shit in there...they make up the machine.. but the machine consists of ppl wit different tastes and ideals so no everyone will meet eye to eye.. even if a rappers is hot as fire , if the label doesnt see eye to eye wit him then he is being shelved.. until somehow, magically one of his leaks becomes a top download or some shit.. then the machine may start revvin up for u..
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