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What rapper had a gun in their mouth?

pothead420pothead420 Posts: 2,072 ✭✭
edited February 2011 in The Reason
Sooooooooooooooo…I can tell the facts on this, but I cannot tell the names. A certain Hip-Hop individual is loathed and hated yet the game has been forced to contend with this person and his dealings. He’s got some weight in the game. But, the thing is, people cannot kill him…or can they? Word on the street is that this person came to LA with a pair of bodyguards. He checked into his hotel for the Grammy and All-Star festivities. Well, his phone stars going off from the people that hate him. He pops off to them. They pop off back. Little does he know, they know where he’s staying and they are in the lobby. They are strapped. They are at his door. They gain entrance into his hotel room and he’s scared. They pull out a gun and put it in his mouth. Nobody pulls the trigger though. They do something else. They take pictures of this person with a gun in his mouth and dare him to come back to LA. Next time, it will be a bullet with his name on it. I will tell you this…the person with the gun is a rap artist/or affiliated with a rap artist and the person on the receiving end is not.

Got this from illseed



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