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I need to identify a song, but.......

Mally_GMally_G Posts: 2,927 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited March 2011 in IllTek
.....I'm stumped as to how to find out the artist and title.

I'm listening to an old podcast from 2006 and the host is talking over the song, so I can't really grab the lyrics. The song is older because it sounds like some old El Debarge. I've tried all of Debarge's (the group) songs, and it's not them.

I don't have a smartphone with the app that can identify songs if you play them, and I downloaded Tunatic and it doesn't recognize the song, probably because the host is talking over the song.

Is there someone out there (or someone in an old record store that I can go to) that I can locate online that knows songs just by hearing it? The song is a fast pace Debarge type track, guitar, and a dude with a high pitch voice. Or is there some additional software out there that can pick the song out of the background and tell me who the artist and song title are?

This is the link to the podcast, and the song is the first 4-5 minutes of the host talking.

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