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Former aide slams Palin in leaked book manuscript+ info on her "Fox News surrogates"

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The Alaskan political world is in a frenzy this past weekend as a manuscript for a Sarah Palin “tell-all” book has been leaked to the media. The manuscript was written by a former aide to Palin, Frank Bailey, who joined Palin in her team during her 2006 campaign for governor and stuck around until her resignation from said position. The manuscript clocks in at almost 500 pages and apparently depicts Palin as obsessive, vindictive, and prone to breaking election laws.

Unlike that other Palin book in the pipeline, Bailey wasn’t just geographically close to his subject (strangely, the Anchorage Daily News reports that author and Palin-neighbor Joe McGinniss was one of the people to pass them the leaked manuscript), he was actually a close confidant to both Palin and her husband, Todd. The book was reportedly put together with the help of 60,000 emails back and forth between he and the former governor. It actually opens with a quote from one of those emails as Palin tells Bailey she “hate this damn job,” shortly before her resignation.

But, everyone’s wondering, what’s the dirtiest “all” that this tell-all “tells?”
From the Daily News:

n Bailey’s telling, the reality was nasty. Minor slights became obsessions, according to Bailey, demanding revenge and if possible, destruction of the opponent’s reputation.

‘We set our sights and went after opponents in coordinated attacks, utilizing what we called “Fox News surrogates,” friendly blogs, ghost-written op-eds, media opinion polls (that we often rigged), letters to editors, and carefully edited speeches,’ Bailey wrote.

One chapter asserts Palin broke election law by coordinating with the Republican Governors Association during her 2006 campaign for governor. State candidates can’t team up with soft-money groups such as the Republican Governors Association, which paid for TV commercials and mailers in Alaska during the election in a purported ‘independent’ effort.

At the time, the Alaska Democratic Party had accused the RGA and Palin of working together on an ad that included Palin striding from the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.

In his book, Bailey says the allegation was true.”

There’s also quite a bit of information on the “Troopergate” scandal that involved both Palins trying to get a state trooper fired after he divorced and became involved in a custody battle with Palin’s sister. Bailey, himself, has always been closely linked to the story, calling a trooper lieutenant and listing why the trooper in question should be fired. Bailey doesn’t deny it but claims Todd told him to go after the trooper and congratulated him for the call. During the actual investigation in the case, Sarah Palin said she had nothing to do with the phone conversation and publicly chastised Bailey for making it




“Every generation has its own evil. But our evil is a different kind of evil — our systems are evil.” - Rev. Nicholas Richards


  • stringer bellstringer bell Posts: 26,109 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    More Scoop On Palin: Her Reliable Media Mouthpieces
    21 Feb 2011 10:39 am

    Frank Bailey's co-authored manuscript, "Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin," which leaked out via his agent's emails to potential publishers, is dynamite. Why? Because Bailey was as close to the Palins as anyone from Palin's first race for governor to the bitter end, is a rock-ribbed Fox News Republican, has vast amounts of firsthand data (the emails he has published alone reveal a lot), has contempt for Trig skeptics like yours truly, and comes to a simple conclusion in retrospect: Palin is a dangerous, vindictive, incompetent, congenital liar who has no business in any public office. Any publisher interested in the truth about Palin (Harper Collins therefore need not apply) should fight to publish it.

    There's a useful summary of its contents at the Anchorage Daily News, and some notes from the paper's gossip column with this tart truth:
    In the end, what makes Bailey's manuscript worth more than other Sarah books is his liberal use of contemporaneous records -- long quotes from e-mails written at the time by the actual participants. If you want to understand who Sarah really is, you can't beat her own words.

    There's also just, well, nutritious nuggets like the following. Bailey describes Palin's eventual media strategy: avoid any MSM interviews and get talking points out through surrogates. Who were they? Bailey names names: Bill Kristol, Mary Matalin, former Bush aides Jason Recher and Steve Biegun, GOP officials Nick Ayers and Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity, and Bill O‘Reilly. Then this sentence
    We could normally expect them to repeat any coordinated message we sent.
    Of all the fawning—mostly middle-aged white men—nobody had infatuated eyes more than Bill Kristol...

    He'd gone to Alaska on a cruise in June, 2007 and sat across the table from the sexy future of the Republican Party. Much as President Bush, when looking into Vlad Putin‘s eyes, saw his soul, Kristol understood that deliverance for his beloved GOP lived inside this stunning, five foot five inch Aphrodite from Wasilla. Due Diligence was conducted over moose stew, red wine, and winky charm. He did not need to ask about foreign policy or current event expertise. He saw a winner. Kristol began bongo-drumming her out-Mavericking John McCain virtues in every venue at his disposal... In public and to his contacts within the McCain camp, he made it known that she was not only legitimate, but the only intelligent choice if McCain hoped to have any chance in the upcoming election.

    faux news is really fair and balanced.. they got people on air shilling for sarah palin...




    “Every generation has its own evil. But our evil is a different kind of evil — our systems are evil.” - Rev. Nicholas Richards
  • Swiffness!Swiffness! PART OF THE CONSPIRACY Posts: 10,125 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2011
    hahaha, Andrew Sullivan is gonna LOVE this shit

    I bet as soon as word leaked out, him and his team was like:

  • janklowjanklow god's lonely man. Posts: 8,588 Regulator
    edited February 2011
    it's going to be an interesting book, although i'd rather see them finish it than see a batch of variously-completed manuscripts floating around out there
  • gnsgns Bleeding 24/7 Posts: 21,285 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2011
    no1 should give a fuck, it's not like she's qualified for anything.

    if she did anything illegal they should lock her sweet ass up though and bish need to chill out con la pinche moose carne... da fuk wrong wit dat hoe.
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