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NBA Playoff Picture

joeyfkncrakkjoeyfkncrakk Posts: 2,954 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2011 in From the Cheap Seats
East Conference
Miami- has actually been rather dominant aside from a couple strecthes, I see them beating out bos for the 1
Chicago- they play to win every night something LA and Boston don't do every night,2 games back they can close the gap
Boston- they will slow down some point and will slide to 3, will be tough wherever they land
Magic- D howard will keep them close but still goin nowhere
NYK- People are counting the Knicks out on getting the 5th seed, Atlanta suck.. they can close that 5 game gap
Atlanta- Atlanta is overrated imo, Kirk at the point I can't call a big upgrade over Bibby who was dunzo
Philadelphia- These guys are the wildcard they have been winning some tough 1s if
Milwaukee- I just don't see Indiana getting in.. Bucks come to play every night

Western Conference
Spurs- Come to play every night.. They feed off the home court advantage
LA Lakers- Slowly getting the shit back together, they know they are better than 3rd and will catch Mavs
Mavs-fall behind LA and SA they need homecourt, ie GSW series
OkC- They are not as good as people think they are might win a first rd series for once
Portland- These guys are dangerous..Getting Roy and Wallace in the fold with Aldrige they are locked and loaded
N.O.-they are tough but I see them in the 6th slot
Denver- I like their new look, they are deep at every position 1-5 after the trade, they look like a better team actually
Memphis- They will make it in the 8th seed, adding Shane Battier and Jwill was big


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