Young Ice vs Deaththreats Topic Battle

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    this should be interesting
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    Mannnnnn...soon as I hit the doe (door)
    Its like a spotlight be on me cause ya boy's jewelry glow (2)
    When them diamonds changing colors lets you know they worth
    a couple grand fam, shirt lookin like some fireworks (4)
    I swag at will, my wrist on chill, gave my arm frostbite
    1/2 carrot earrings poking out of my ear looking like a overbite (6)
    comfy money shit, swag top knit, im so ridiculous
    cause im fly.. (how fly?) i think I need a cockpit (8)
    insect bug shit, mosquito on airplane and I tried to told 'em
    Im looking good like Halle Berry's thighs...........wit BABY OIL on 'em (10)
    rollin on' em, im starched down got my khakis wit a hard crease man
    I got the club chicks like "DAMN............he musta used the whole can" (12)
    I nod my head walking to the bar wit plenty cash
    Ice is young and broke..nigga will never have a bar tab (14)
    And while he's in the club talking about the recession man
    Shit....I keep money and drinks..... call me a concession stand
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    nice verse playboy...let the voting begin....
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    Upping for votes
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    Damn...we got some views but no votes...oh well, another battle bites the dust..hopefully people will need alink for the tourney and have to vote
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    after rereading these verses 3 times i vote for young ice because his verse was more visual
    deaththreats i thought went too far talkin about the creases in his pants and spent 3/4 of the verse describing his fashion
    but deaththreats last bars were ill .still i gotta give it to young ice his verse was very creative

    flow:young ice
    hottest verse:young ice

    my vote goes to young ice
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    I re-read these verse's a few times, and after re-reading them. I thought both verse's were creative and I also like the fact that it had a topic to go along with..

    My vote goes to young ice, nice flow that painted a picture.. creative in other terms.

    Now deaththreats, his verse was nice too, I like the last 2 bars.. I thought it was cool... cause we definitely in a recession so go on head with that concession stand.. hahaha..

    Peace! thanks for letting me vote!
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    Both verses were hot. deaththreats had pretty decent metaphors. They were sick. Had a good flow too, I think. Multis were not a factor or focus. Young Ice was not really sick with the metaphors but everything else was crazy. I guess flow was the same. Multis were cool. Painted a better picture too. Hotter verse got my vote. That means my vote is for Young-Ice.
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