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Ace Boogie's Enemy List...

Primetime Ace BoogiePrimetime Ace Boogie Posts: 965 ✭✭✭
edited March 2011 in AKA Donkey
The following people are on my enemy list and will be sonned whenever I have the chance. It doesn't matter where they post... The Reason, The Donkey... Well if you want to be safe post in the GNS, because I'm not a faggot GNS poster. So let's get it started.

Eyeronic1 - Some geeky irrelevant myspace rapper who has no real future but being a 45 year old wannabe musican still rapping out of his grandmas basement. Dude tries hard to prove his intellect in the reason, but it backfires miserably. His interview thread in the reason was hella lame and is only active because I decided to go into there and son him to oblivion. Word of advice buck-o, go to school, get a degree and use rap as a hobby... Not a full time job.

Kat - Words cannot describe the hatred I have for this pale skinned, horsefaced, cunt. My original beef with her is that she had the right to butt in her big nose when we were discussing black peoples issues. Listen you stupid cracker, just because you've had more black dick in you than the entire female population on the IC, does not give your pasty ass the right to speak about our peoples issues. Fall the fuck back and instead of worrying about our issues, worry about getting off heroin and becoming a better mother for your daughter who's already been through enough. Having to put up with you bringing home a different "daddy" almost every month... I wish you would just sign over custody to your parents, although I doubt they even accept her as a granddaughter cus shes half black, like most typical white Texans. Go away Tori Spelling, you 39 and you still postin? Ughhhh.

Texasboi409 - A fat sloppy dumb moron who has the intelligence of a buffoon. He is a prime example of why I think the Texas school system is a failure and needs to be re-evaluated. I mean you got dumb Texans on here like Kat, and Mssthrn among others. But this fat fuck takes the cake... I've never seen him say anything intelligent. He's making us lightskinned brothas look bad, and I hereby kicked him out of the lightskinned niggas coalition, and he will forever be claimed as a Mexicanese Gorilla.

Mssthrnthang - I remember back in the day this bitch would type like he was some sorta dime, and act like she was black. And than... I saw her hideous picture. Upon seeing her picture I was like why the fuck would some one link me a picture of the great Curt Henning? I mean see looks more like him than his own son who currently wrestles on Monday Night Raw. Ain't no one obsessed with you casper, aint no one here wants to touch that hideous body of yours. I get shivers just the tought of it... You're biggest accomplishment in life is supposedly getting your guts pumped by a young Vince Young... Yeah you're a pathetic hog of a woman. Off yourself cunt.

That Tyrie nigga from the Real World - Nigga had the nerve to get gully with me via PM's and what not and in the reason. Nigga aint no one taking you serious. You let some gay cracker call you a nigga, but you didnt do SHIT about it. And don't give me that "I didn't wanna get kicked out" crap... Considering how gully you talk via the internet, that shit wouldn't have mattered and you should've threw that faggot off the balcony. Your G pass is revoked, and no one is shook of you fatboy.

Disciplined InSight - Annoying faggot who tends to know alot of info about me, yet I never heard of this Reason geek in my life. Mostly likely doesnt get pussy hence why he is on the IC most of the day, getting mad and smashing his keyboards at mine and MrJr's threads. Sterotypical reason nerd who carries on the legacy of the lame Jackass318. I can see this geek at the club requesting the DJ put on some Nas.

USMARINE - The biggest pussy I've ever encountered via the interwebs. How you gonna let your girlfriend get rapped, and you not do anything but "Run Tel Dat"? I swear everytime someone disses Jay Z in the reason, this coon house nigga has a bat signal and he automatically comes to the rescue. It's pathetic actually, he should spend more time trying to get back at the niggas who raped his girlfriend instead of spending all hours of the day defending a man who doesnt give a fuck about him. When not defending Jay Z, he tends to play the role of the token black guy at college frat partys like the typical coon house nigga he is. He's like Lamar Latrell in "Revenge of the Nerds", shits sad and pathetic. I bet he lets them call him "nigga"... Wouldn't surprise me considering how much of a pussy he is.

Ptowndonte - Irrelevant Jay Z nuthugger in the Reason, no one checks for him or his posts. He's a dumb redneck trailer park trash from Louisville, who most likely has to go to the public library to use a computer. Not to mention he's back down various times when Willie Flacone called him out. Another pussy.

I know theres more I'll add later, I just can't think of any more right now.
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