Shutter Island (2010)



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    SMH @ some of ya'll with the attitude like you got it all figured out.. it's that simple huh? Scorsese himself said his goal was to make two movies, it can go either way. IMO he was sane all along and it was a brainwashing scheme. now if you go back and watch it with that in mind it makes perfect sense. my wife on the other hand had the total opposite interpretation.. this movie is deep and you got to be real simple to think you had it all figured out half-way through and the ending is cut-and-dry like that. this is one of those rare movies that makes people look stupid because it will fly right over your head while at the same time you're arrogant enough to think they got it all figured out.

    BTW this is one of Scorsese's best films, critical and popular consensus proven. if you think otherwise you're in the small minority.

    Ahhh the old "You're too stupid to get it; that's why you didn't like it" approach.
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    The movie was great, IMO
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    watching again, right now. surprised so many of yall didn't like this movie.
    its....JOHN B
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    he knew what he was doing...he couldnt live with himself
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    I gota see it again
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