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I am interested in learning web design but I dont really know where to start...

Does anyone have any advice for me... what programs, languages to learn first etc..?



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    start with lamp (linux, apache, mysql, php), that'll get you going. it's free, you can set it on your own computer and will give you a fundamental idea how things work. Find as many tutorials as you can on cascading style sheets and follow them to a tee. There is documentation if you get stuck and it forces you to learn your basic html tags.
    Do you want to learn so that you can make your own website? or do you want to design for others?

    these days, sites like tumblr and wordpress are advanced enough that most we sites run off those... Allhiphop.com is even a wordpress site.

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    This is your basic website starter formation. Like the guy said above, start with lamp, learn some CSS. You might wanna try and find a graphics program like Photoshop or Fireworks (but you'll be breaking bread for them).
  • We build websites for music artists. Our platform is based on WordPress but customized to be easy to use for music artists. I recommend you start by learning HTML as it all starts there. After HTML jump to CSS.
  • I am building my first website and I make my own Mix CD's and I would like to make them available for download for free on my site. Does anybody know any embeddable mp3 players that will allow me to create custom playlists (including .mp4 formats) with the download option for each track or the whole playlist as a CD within the player? For example, if you go to DATPIFF to download a mixtape, they have a player that displays the tracks but gives you a download by track or whole mixtape option. Help a brotha out one time!
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    @playboymoney just find a site that will let you customize a widget for your site. A widget is a music player I think there's some that allow you to download too
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    Dreamweaver used to piss me off sometimes in class, but it is better than hand coding everything. I might check that video out just to refresh some shit.
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    w3schools.com its free
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    w3schools.com its free

    and learn wordpress or joomla
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