Is Rick Ross the only rapper left that still TRUSTS the black community for support?

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Just how it reads. I ask this because its not too many mainstream rappers I can think of that havent really changed their music to pull in a white audience. No Skylar Grey or Em feats, no Alex Da Kid production just street anthems and music that the black community would listen to most. I mean from Hustlin and Push it, to the Boss and Here I am, Magnificent, Super High, MC Hammer, and BMF etc. Even though he consistently goes gold while artists who make wacker music go platinum, Ross still manages to put out a quality product that HIS fanbase will enjoy without compromising himself musically. Will this change with his next album, I doubt it but we'll have to wait and see. I do know SELF MADE's track list is what you'd expect from any Ross album. Ross is still doing shows at black clubs and HBCUs.....something most other mainstream rappers are not. So the question remains, amongst all this hype about only white kids supporting hip-hop, is Ross the last rapper left that trusts the black community for financial support?? Discuss
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