The Most FUKKED UP Ways you/witnessed someone got rejected?

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Rey Negro wrote:
In High School I was on some simp shyt. Had a girl I was jocking hard. Took her out to Red Lobster then a movie. In Red Lobster she ordered a gang of food then took most of it home in a doggy bag.

The next day I hear from my boy that she is in the lunch room with her ex and he is eating Red Lobster. . . . . . . I walk in there and sure enough. She is posted up hugged up on her ex and the cotdam Red Lobster I bought her the day before is in front of that nikka and he is shoveling it in like a Hungry Hungry Hippo.

She saw me looking at her from across the lunchroom and starts cracking up. Then points to her girls who are around and they all start laughing. The dude looks up from his plate with a damn biscuit in his hand. . Looks at me and grins. Then continues to eating%20good.gif. Man I was in the 10th grade brehs. I had a lil part time job washing dishes at a gotdam Ponderosa Steakhouse. That lil date hurt a nikkas pockets. And her actions ethered my soul. It was good though. I learned from that shyt and every girl after that got shytted on until she proved herself

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