Meth, Ghost and Rae - Wu-Massacre Review

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Wu-Massacre is easily the most hyped rap album of the year so far. Between awesome artwork, some creative trailers, and the reunion of the Wu-Tang Clan's three most personable rappers, it's guaranteed to be a good album. The real question is, "how good"? Given the catalog Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, it's easy for Wu-Massacre to be a letdown. That's exactly the trap Meth, Ghost and Rae fall into: They've made a good album that's never as great as it could be.

From the beginning, Wu-Massacre impresses with the sheer talent of the rappers involved. As soon as Ghostface Killah opens on "Criminology 2.5," it's clear no punches are being held back. Meth, Ghost and Rae are all in top form, tossing threats, insults and boasts around like it was still 1995. Method Man easily stands out; he finds his comfort zone in group efforts, and Wu-Massacre is no exception. He raps with the same effortless energy and vitality that's made him a superstar, never off-beat and always mastering the tempo of the song.

You see the dear head on the living room wall? Like his neck fell off?
That can be yours - sculptured and glazed with gloss
(Ghosface, "Criminology 2.5")

Of course, Raekwon and Ghostface aren't to be outdone; all three of them turn in great performances. Of the three, Raekwon seems the most out of place here, as if the album is a little too fast for him. Otherwise, it's standard Wu-Tang fare; the raps are both hard and creative, and the album drips with personality and wit. Even the skits are funny, with "Ya Moms Skit" being the highlight.

There aren't any star guests (Inspectah Deck is the only other Wu member that shows up), but that's not really a flaw with this group. Meth, Ghost and Rae are a show all on there own, and while they don't have as much chemistry as you might expect ("Meth Vs. Chef 2" notwithstanding), they contrast each other really well. They spit some of the most entertaining raps you'll ever hear, and Ghostface's decapitation punchlines alone are worth the price of admission.

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