Uncanny X-Force (Wolverine,Arch-Angel,Deadpool,Fantomex,Psylocke)

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Not sure how many of ya'll have checked this comicbook series out but it's fuckin dope, it's pretty Much a Group of Characters that do things the X-Men would never do , the core characters so far are Wolverine,Arch-Angel,Deadpool,Fantomex(real dope character) and Psylocke ....

i've read all the issues so far and i believe they're about to be on either number 11 or 12 i forgot , anyways if u haven't read any of them then def. get it , art work is pretty good and the story lines are well put together and one of the better series i've read..and it's pretty grimey also ...

it's such a Dark series , it seems like they're always in some type of Underworld wherever they go....you'll recognize a lot of characters that pop up throughout , but for the most part the Comic focuses on the team and it's missions , it's not really Villians stealing the show .... it's different but in a very good way.




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