LE Tournament #3 - Predictions/SH!T Talking Thread!!

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Use this thread to talk about the tournament. Any topic goes. Complaints. Concerns. Give your predictions.

thedesolateone -VS- Rubic
Gotta go with the Champ. thedesolateone.

maxseveneight -VS- C.Melendez
I see this one as a pretty close battle. My guts says C.Melendez will take it.

b.c.o.dcru -VS- judahxulu
IDK anything about judahxulu but I've seen some good stuff from b.c.o.dcru so I have to go with him.

deaththreats -VS- nkflier23
Same as above. Don't know anything about nkflier23; going with deaththreats.

7thwardslim -VS- Fazeem Blackall
7thwardslim was one of my favorites. He will win if he shows up.

sniperk -VS- onepunch
This will be a good battle BC sniperk is sick and I've seen onepunch write a lot in RTM. Going with sniperk.

iMpIoDez -VS- love yal
When I came up with the system to do the matchups, I thought it was lame that it had these two battling again. This is the third time they will battle and I have iMpIoDez winning based off history.

Raw-Material -VS- R.Greezy

You can copy my predictions and replace my words with your own if you'd like.


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