Reason Defense: How to Save Yourself from Taking an "L"

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When another poster has got you trapped into a corner and is about to deliver that ether, not all hope is lost. Here are some popular techniques to save yourself from taking an "L".

1.) Call the poster white:
Calling the poster white immediately takes the attention off the topic at hand. Calling someone white causes their entire posting history and credibility to be put in question. A "white poster" exposure nullifies any opinions that the poster has and their entire argument is automatically deemed forever invalid. Accusations such as these are not taken lightly. Following a "white poster" accusation, the board of Black Militant Posters (BMP) will stop the thread and request proof pictures of the poster in question. After thorough inspection,if African descent is confirmed, the BMP with grant approval for the debate to continue. This technique should buy you enough time to move into a safer thread.

2.) Call the poster a House-Nigga or Coon
If the attacking poster has already been confirmed to be of African Descent by the BMP, calling him white will not work. In tricky cases such as these, you may want to consider calling the poster a house-nigga or coon. Calling the poster a house-nigga will immediately alert the BMP and they will stop the thread. A house-nigga investigation is long and difficult and the BMP will need sufficient evidence before they will proceed with this process. At this point, all you have to do is say that the poster likes 50 cent or Eminem. This strong evidence will force the BMP to activate a level 5 security warning and release their Maybach Music Swat team to stop the thread and take the poster in custody for deep intense investigation. If the BMP has enough evidence to confirm the poster is a house-nigga, this poster will be labeled "white" and will be forgotten forever.

3.) Post Naked Females
If the thread gets too dangerous, posting a picture of a naked attractive female could possibly derail the thread and save you. These will cause horny posters to request the name of the female so they can look them up and masturbate to them. Following a picture such as this, fellow posters will join in and post pictures of females they also find attractive.This traffic very often breaks up the debate and saves you from ether.

4.) Say Your Favorite Artist >>>>>>>>>> Their Favorite Artist
The more ">>>>>>>>" the better. The key here is too exaggerate as much as possible. Claim their favorite artist sucks and they are overrated. Also pretend you don't know much about their favorite artist and claim that you haven't heard their most recent album yet. No matter how the poster responds, insult them by telling them "they caught feelings". This fatal technique, when done correctly, can cause the poster to log out and refrain from posting for weeks.

5.) Unleash the Gee
When you have no other options and no way out. When all hope is lost and the death of your posting career is on the horizon, all you have to do is say one word........Eminem. The power behind this word cannot be described. Be cautious before even considering typing this into one of your posts. This single word unlocks a poster with powers that even the mods fear. Locked away in Rick Ross threads is a fat, stubborn, and uneducated poster that yields the power to not only derail a thread, but an entire forum. His name is Gee. Some say Eminem raped his mother when he was younger. Some say eminem refused to sign him an autograph. Some say he is eminems biggest Stan, and his fanhood grew so strong that it turned into hate. Gee is relentless and unforgiving. He won't stop until every thread is derailed. This is a last resort. When you unleash Gee, you may want to logout and view the destruction as a guest.

Suggest some of your favorite techniques


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