Fazeem that Ether Burn Slow.....

7thwardslim7thwardslim Posts: 1,238
edited July 2011 in Lyrical Executions
Fazeem i had to re-shit on you again.......i seen your reply.....
im done homey....u won becuz i was DQ'd that was soley my fault....
i shitted on you, and u came back.....and i had to put u under...
u changed ya avi.....and 9 times outta 10 u will change again...
I know u have to prepare for your next battle.....so i will let this ether soak in....

once again, lets spit fact, ya 2nd 16 was still whack
i killed u, bouta re-kill you cuz u answered back
i guess u put your kids up so they gettin attacked
but i want you to put that old pic back
i know that ether burn slow, cuz ya change your avi
but im suprised nobody told u, u looked like a addict
u was so ashamed, u 1/2 breed lame
you took your picture down thats a drastic change
annhilating 7th ward slim, only in your dreams
it dont matter if u black or white.....but what if you in between
u showed the kids, now show us your queen...
and that maybe reason ya nose is never clean
and i feel bad for your daughter, why i feel like that
cuz most of her adult life, all the family will say.....u-look-just-like-Dad
i told u i looked in your eyes and i read your soul....
when i threw the 1st set of darts, i knew where to throw
and the results show, Fazeem at a all time low
i can hit u with 48 bars and still have more
i guess you changed your avi pic, and got your afro clipped
but you know in your heart like i know....you still 99% bitch


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