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Tag Team Tournament - Judge Nominations

raw-material_ahhraw-material_ahh Posts: 555
edited December 2011 in Lyrical Executions
I'm not sure whether we will have another solo battle tournament or if the next tournament is going to be a tag team battle tournament or a tag team topical tournament. I need more votes and posts in this thread to determine what we do next.

But moving ahead, I think everyone should agree on the judges for the next tournament. I am hoping to find 7 this time so there can be more voting. Young-Ice, hlf, jamacia, WallH and sionb55 did a good job but they've done enough and I don't want to ask them to judge another tournament.

So the purpose of this thread is to nominate members of the IC that you'd like to be considered as a judge for the next tournament whether it is a solo or a tag team tournament. You can nominate anyone you'd like as long as they have 500 posts. You can nominate me or yourself and you can nominate more than one person. You can even nominate Young-Ice, hlf, jamacia, WallH and sionb55 to judge again but it's up to them if they want to judge again.

Then after I feel like we have enough nominations, I am going to make another thread for everyone to vote on their favorite 7. For example, pretend there is 20 members nominated before this thread closes, you will only vote on your favorite 7 of those 20 and the top 7 members that receive votes from everyone will be judges for the next tournament. That doesn't mean you have to nominate 7 members in this thread. You can nominate just yourself if you'd like.

Then after we reach our favorite 7, I will have to ask them if they can judge so it's possible one of them will pass BC it's not their thing or they don't have time. It's also possible they may not want to judge BC they will want to enter the tournament. In that case, I'll ask the next member who has the most votes if they can judge BC I am trying to find 7 judges that the majority of LE can agree on so that they feel comfortable entering tournaments and to reduce bias.

I'm thinking this process will take a few weeks, that's why I'm starting it now since we just wrapped up the 3rd solo battle tournament so drop those nominations!


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