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A Flower Like Me

Azekiel-HorizonAzekiel-Horizon Posts: 12
edited September 2011 in Waiting To Exhale
A wild flower of life
is nodding to its fall.
Waving leafy white flags
to the blue
for self - destruction
is blossoming
in a tainted
field of view
where self pruning occurs.
For the object
of its affection
didn't return
good vibrations.
Causing an allergic reaction
to a stripped
common daisy
whose plucked pages
are reduced to ashes.
The coping mechanism
of choice for
a self-loathing sprout
that isn't growing out
but slowly withering
from within


  • TupacfanTupacfan Posts: 2,426 Regulator
    edited September 2011
    This was a nice poem... definitely felt.. I remember wriiting one of my jawns similar to this..

    I thought this was a reflective jawn too..

    thank you for sharing, and please continue to share with us.. i'm reading.. Belee that!
  • MeTaLMeTaL Posts: 6,553 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2011
    Nice poem.
    ms.jones wrote: »
    As for the black man...he can be one of the hardest, most heart-wrenching person to love and cherish...but the love that he gives makes it all worthwhile...his skin, his back, his character, and his soul is what makes me love him for all eternity...be him right or be him wrong, I am his rib, and his wisdom...to forsake him is to be my death. I love him, because he is me.
    :-) :-)
    ms.jones wrote: »
    Mannnnn listen, he's feeling like a bum ass nigga, and wants to release those feelings of aintshitness. He spent his whole tax return on some other broad's kid (s), and now he feel like shit for not doing right by his own flesh and blood.

    He wants you to bring babygirl to Subway so he can take a few pics and post them shits on Facebook with the caption 'Had lunch with my #1lady. #Daddydaughterday'

    Psssh, you already know what it is. I'd take a picture of the back of my baby's head and be like 'We looking past you.'


  • VSOPVSOP Posts: 195 ✭✭
    edited September 2011
    very nice read-different from most posts I've read on here but a good change of pace

    short and straight to the point...exact opposite of every poem I've ever wrote lol
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