So this gay dude just try to hit on me...

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okay this happen about a 2weeks ago,but i figure i finally share it here on the IC

iight so im out grabbing my lunch at a local deli in the village,yes im in the village cus a customer of mine works in that area and i had to pick up some paperwork from him. So im getting some gas,and while im waiting i see these 2 gay dudes in my peripheral vision walking up the street. So without hesitation i turn my back towards them so they cant see me and next thing u know one of the guys screams out "you dont have to hide from us honey,we aint gonna bite" i turn around and laugh with sarcasm...and then the same guy im assuming screams out in front of everyone,"wont u let us jump in your car and we'll show u a good time"...and this old lady pumping her gas across from me is cheesing at me and she's gonna say,"so what are you gonna do young man"...and then i tell her to "mind her *&%^$#@Ein business" and so i turn back around to see if they walked by yet and why these 2 fags standing right across my car and the same guy says "were waiting on you"...and then i tell them to "fuck off" and i grabbed my receipt and jump in my infiniti and sped off!

so has a gay person ever hit on u???


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