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Rappers name dropping affiliations for credibility, good or bad thing?

pothead420pothead420 Posts: 2,072 ✭✭
edited May 2010 in The Reason
aite i got this from the spot off of sohh

it's a very good read check it out

“I was in USP Lee County when the Ross Hustlin single dropped,” Chico says. “One morning on my way to the yard my case manager stopped me. He said, ‘Harper, did you see the TV this morning?’ I thought my case had gotten overturned or something. As I looked bewildered and waited for him to continue he said, ‘Your homeboy is representing for you all Boobie Boys. MTV aired the video early this morning.’ This was a middle-aged white dude, living in the mountains of Virginia or nearby in the surrounding area. If Hustlin made it inside of his living room I know damn well it reached the dens and family rooms of the appeal court judges and clerks who were in the process of deciding on our direct appeal. You follow me? Not to mention the many undercover informants who roam amongst us with the duty to report back to them with any info that may be conceivably relevant. You understand? Our appeal was denied shortly after that. Now, I’m not implying that the homie’s comments directly caused it, but indirectly it’s very possible. It’s a slap in the face to certain people. You cannot glorify everything. Especially injurious events.”

“My beef was with Boobie.” Chico says. “Since then Rick Ross has dropped the M.I.YAYO DVD and continued to give bad PR to our case. And unless somebody with some sense gets in his ear or he grounds himself to a conscientious source he along with other rappers like him are going to continue making it hard on the real characters of their music. And it ain’t nothing gangsta about that. Ross is unconscious. A lot of rappers these days are. Even Tupac was with that name dropping ****. But the O.G.’s pulled him up quick and hipped him. He had real players of the game getting in his ear. He had Mutula, Geronimo, Sinqu and a select few more of the elite soldiers from behind this wall that grounded his ass. His hands on contact with their conscience minds is what made him so advanced beyond the rest. He was fortunate in that way. When he began talking about those brothers much like Scarface did with Larry Hoover they didn’t perpetuate the propaganda surrounding those brothers’ situations. They talked about the injustices that were involved. That’s how you represent for a *****. Pac and Face learned that. Other rappers don’t so they run reckless with their lyrics, completely oblivious to its consequences.”


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