What should I do?

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I left a recent job that i was at for only a month off my resume since it was completely unrelated to any of my previous experience and something I'll never do again. I got a call about the resume I submiited w/o that job, passed a phone interview referencing that resume, and now have to submit a real employment application (background check, drug test, employment verification and all). This job would show that I've been unemployed for a shorter length of time (March '10 until June '11 instead of until now) but it I'm not sure if adding it now would ruin my chance of getting the job (or keeping the job if I leave it out and they find out later). If it helps, the job I left off my resume was maintenance work whereas all my other jobs (including the one I'm trying to get now) have been customer service. I would really appreciate some advice on this.


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