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Florida State of Mind by VSOP *written to Elmatic Instrumental Album*

VSOPVSOP Posts: 195 ✭✭
edited October 2011 in Waiting To Exhale
Hard to get motivated lately but Real P's "Protestors" piece got me in the mood...already fucked up day might as well put it on paper

wrote this to the Elmatic's "Detroit State of Mind" (instrumental)
you hear that.....

who's that peepin in my window

its the reflection of my imperfection
my introspective child
growin up
spoon fed mouth
fork eatin cereal
from a Zephyrhills cow
soundtrack is "Reasonable Doubt"
walkin around the house
my dirty south wrapped up in a towel
slides and socks
a wifebeater
basketball shorts
"Florida" tattoed on my cock

lookin at the man in the mirror
wantin to ask him...

"Why is it you drink some much beer brah?

whutcha smoke so much weed for?"

whos that man
hot liquor on cold ice
black hen blended with Colt four five
unpack the bags underneath my eyes
I know life

my cup overflows as I pour "why's?"

mints restin on the pillow as my mind swims in resin from Endo
I've been slow since "Can it Be So Simple" instrumental
I walk around with my Walkman on 
...talkin to myself
blazed like I'm walkin through hell
aged like a bottle on the shelf
I'm a dwella in a cellar
a one man wolfpack howlin at the moon
a storyteller since Mother Goose
Magellan in the boots of a Tree's roots
I breathe poop
I mean I talk shit
my poetry is my pulpit
crazy huh?
I'm nauseous about to throw up on the whole congregation......fuck

listen up...
I talk for them
my dead homeboys are God's pits

listen up...
I walk through sin
M.O.P. throwin elbows in mosh pits

listen up...
I drink often
pourin regrets like faucets

.......problem is
my mug is empty
and my blunt is not lit....


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