? Southern rappers are naturally less Conscious...dont be so hard on them ?

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After emancipation the skilled and educated moved East, Midwest, and West...the poor uneducated sharecroppers were left behind, and then they bred....

The East-Coast had Consciousness movements from great men like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, , Charles 13X, and even Father Divine....(Rakim, Nas, Wu-Tang, X-clan)

The Midwest had Consciousness movements from great men like Nobel Drew Ali, Fard Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad, Fred Hampton, George Jackson, and even.... Jeff Fort..... (Common, Kanye, Blackthought)

The West-coast had Consciousness movements from great men like Huey P. Newton, Bunchy Carter, and even Ron Karenga.....(Tupac, Paris, The Coup, )

The South has never had a man or a movement that promoted Knowledge-of-Self, economic-empowerment, social-consciousness, or cultural awareness...their few movements were about integration and assimilation...... (Gucci Mane, Birdman, Crunchy Black)
The East-coast's Talib Kweli is the son of a Black panther and it shows in his music

The Midwest's Lupe Fiasco & Kanye West are the son's of Black panther's and it shows in their music

The West-coast's Tupac Shakur was the son of a Black panther and it showed in his music

The South dosent have any son's of Black Panther's and it shows in their music......

The Nation of Islam, The Moorish Science Temple, Us organization, the Black Panthers, the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths, MOVE, and the Craft ........their influence was lost on the South and it shows in their music.

Im sick and tired of you people dissing the South because the majority of their rappers sound like illiterate pickaninnies, its not their fault that they never had movements that stressed the importance of Knowledge Wisdom & Understanding...dey rap about whut dey know about and da nigga's and white-folks buy it. So quit "hatin"....

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