So Trina, Lil Wayne, and BG have a house in Virginia?

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via anonymous source on another website. Link at the bottom.

I still question the validity of it accuser who is dropping dimes like Jason Kidd but I will see what y'all think. For all we know, this could be Khia who has been saying this for years.

From her:

"Trina has HIV. I used to live in Miami. I remember when her mom used to sell barbecue to raise money for her medicine. Trina been had that shit! She caught it from a baller that later died in prison. She comes from a family of hustlers.

I also know a girl that used to dance with her at a strip club called the Rollexx. That girl was around when Trina started messing with Wayne and she wondered why Trina was sleeping with him unprotected and did he know.

Trina caught that virus before she got with Trick Daddy's brother, Derek aka "Hollywood". Trina started sleeping with Trick and his bestfriend and label partner, Touche AFTER Hollywood and Fat got killed. Derek did NOT get down raw after he started gettin money. His daughters were conceived when he was a young teen and his father, Charles (a former pimp and drug dealer) was supporting his mother and sister.

She also wrote:

I know that many of you will question how is this possible, she dated this person and that person. I can let you know that it is very possible because I personally know someone who dated as many ballers as Trina in her day who was also HIV positive and you would have never known and no one knew until some house guests snooped through her belongings and found medication. There are a FEW former basketball legends that have dated her and always had a "sick" look and they have gone on to date some of everyone. Just adding two cents for all those who are going to have problems believing this is possible.

It is more difficult for a woman to pass it to man. How do you know London doesn't have it. And there is a thread which this item was originally posted that say that Wayne was treated in an Atlanta clinic for HIV years ago.

Just sharing the tea. Give the side eye, stanky leg or whatever you want. I would suggest you take the wisdom and be careful b/c what looks good isn't always good. I've seen that first hand, with my own eyes and heard the story out of the infected persons own mouth ( refer to my second post, not referring to trina)

Trina's mom is a lesbian and Trina fucked Baby FIRST. Trina and Missy were definitely a couple, that is not a rumor. Missy took care of T when they were together. A reliable source told me that T was really sick. Not surprised if Wayne does H, BG does it and is said to have the package or Hep (from needles).

Don't be surprised, a FEW people in the industry are HIV+ and manage it with meds.

She even made this claim:

Kenyon had a staph infection in his ass.

Here is the link:


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