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Best Remake Of A Classic Stevie Wonder Song Is?

booty-gif-dot-combooty-gif-dot-com Posts: 1,357 ✭✭
edited November 2011 in R&B & Alternatives
Im already on record as saying Songs In The Key Of Life His Triple Album 1976 release is the best Record IMHO ever released. Stevie Wonder has influenced so many artist after him that if i named them all i would have to live to 100 to mention every name.. So what is the best Stevie remake...

This is gonna be GOOD.. some of you are too young or too limited in your musical history that you probably didnt know that half of these songs are Wonder remakes and revisons! if you want the Stevie Originals just type into the Youtube you'll find em

Knocks Me Off My Feet By Donnell Jones - 1996

Lately By Jodeci - 1993
From Uptown Records Unplugged

Gangstas Paradise By Coolio w/ LV - 1995
remake samples Stevie's Pastime Paradise

Loves In Need By Black Street - 1994

Higher Ground By Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 1989

Ribbon In The Sky By Intro - 1995

AS aka Until The Day By George Michael w/ Mary J Blige - 1999

Too Shy To Say By Jody Watley - 1993


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