Is Tenchi Muyo the lamest dude in the history of fiction or what?

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Dude, literally had a house full of hoes and he spent the whole time running away from the pussy.

I been watching some of the episodes online and lol @ how different the unedited version is compared to what was aired on Cartoon Network.

There was a part where Washu just came on the scene and she wanted to study Tenchi. So she took a bunch of samples and the last one she needed was a semen sample. The scene basically goes like this.

*Tenchi strapped to the medical device*
Washu: The last thing I'll need is a semen sample. *Reaches for the dick*
Tenchi: What? No, don't...
Washu: Oh you don't want me to use my hand? Well what about my mouth?
Tenchi: No, that's not what I meant.
Washu: *giggles* Oh you want the whole thing. Don't worry I'll give it all to you. *Puts her hand down his pants*
Tenchi: No, stop.

They then get interrupted by Meoshi.

Come on man, that dude is on some Drake levels of soft bitchassness for that shit.


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