....Is A Phat Ass THAT Important??

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“Some of u fellas have awful taste in women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but CMON. A phat azz does not make her bomb…” – @LBoogie007


The Ass.....Like Fried Chicken, Kool-Aid, and high cholesterol, is embedded in Black Culture. Black Men love ass. Hell, these days ALL men love ass regardless of race, but it’s the Black Man who would look at something like Buffy The Body and say “Damn, I need that” and then look at Alicia Keys and say, “she’s okay if you like little bubbles”. Just “okay”? Those two names shouldn’t even be uttered in the same sentence homie.

Let me get this off my chest — HAVING A PHAT ASS IS OVERRATED.

I love to watch you switch, I love to dance with you in the club, I may even give it a smack just to see how solid it is. But that’s where my fascination ends. I have never messed with a girl because of ass size, that’s the least important part of the package, if she’s holding– cool, that’s just the cherry on top. A phat ass does not make the pussy better. A phat ass doesn’t make doggy style more enjoyable for me. Truthfully the only time it’s ever been worth the hype is when she’s riding from the back and you can get the full portrait as it bounces up and down. That’s a great POV. But it’s not worth it if that’s all she’s bringing to the table.



For every Kim Kardashian you have a Deelishes…

We all know Deelishes could be a stuntman in The Expendables but niggas love to “ooh” and “ahh” over her despite her manly features. I’ve seen guys stop in the intersections, green light and everything, and they’re hypnotized watching a chick switch by. They don’t look at the face; they’re looking at the ass.The club is the worst because your objective is to dance with the girl with the biggest butt, and thankfully clubs are dark. You grinding on me got me rock hard because your booty was big and soft, but if the lights come on and you look like Whoopie Goldberg’s less attractive little sister, it’s a wrap. But I’m in the minority. Every day a nigga hollas at a Grenade because of what she’s packing behind her, if they have to deal with a WNBA face in order to get to a Video Vixen ass, they’ll do it. “Oh man she gotta a reindeer ass” A reindeer is a fucking animal. I don’t want to fuck Donner or Blitzin! Sitting a cup on an ass does not make my dick hard. At the same time, if you’re a big booty Judy who isn’t the prettiest– USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. I was at this battle of the bands with some friends; this girl who I just met had “The Front’s Even Better” written on the back of her shirt. This girl had a humongous ass, but her face wasn’t that appealing. The other girl who I was with whispered to me, “She should switch that shirt around”. I died laughing. And as dude after dude broke their neck looking at her ass and trying to get her number we just kept laughing, the girl had no idea of the inside joke and just said, “yall two silly”. She carried herself like she was a dime because since she developed that booty, dudes have been giving her dime attention, but to the average eye she would be classified as busted. But I give her props because swagger is the most attractive thing a girl can have, and that ass allowed her to have super hyper combo finisher swag.....


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