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Making money on the internet?

Instant.Instant. Posts: 371
edited December 2011 in Strictly Business
who here fucks with this shit? I know some people who are caking from blogs and shit like that.


  • DaFifthElementDaFifthElement Posts: 4,764 ✭✭✭
    Bruh If you really want to get into this shit holla at me. I fucks with a team that gets real paper paid in increments. DAILY.

    I know a lot of people want to find out a way to make some extra money on the side online/offline.
    Well here is a way to do it if you are good with talking to people or even if you have a lot of friends or family.
    The program is called Instant Rewards. It is what they call Incentive Marketing or a better name for it is CPA(Cost Per Action).
    Basically what you do is have your friends or family sign up for FREE Trial offers like netflix, blockbuster and Experian and you get paid.

    The reason there is so much money to be made doing this is there is a big market of people who are laid off and/or going through hard times right now and its all FREE to start so most folks will give it a try! Now when I say FREE I mean it is ALL FREE. YOU DONT PAY FOR ANYTHING..EVER!

    The other positive is we get paid daily multiple times. So say you sign up 3 of your Friends that day, You will get your $300
    in the next couple hours, shit sometimes minutes! Now before you ask, NO This is not a pyramid scheme, you dont have to pay anything to get into the program and you dont have to sign up ten people and then have them sign up 10 people to get paid. You sign up one person and you get paid...You sign up 3 and you get paid. It is all up to you how much money you want to make. Some people just need a quick $100 to pay a bill...That is just one sign up and boom..bill paid that same day.

    just go here
    > http://www.easy.instantrewards.net/index.php?ref=13211

    Real rap bruh Its all the way legit. Ill post pics later.
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