Lets keep it real, 90s babies>>>>coons born in other decades

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All I see you old heads talk about is how fucced up 90s babies is and how we make the race look bad n shit

Niggas really mad at 90s babies for not hangin out on the corner shootin dice drinkin 40s all day FOH


In reality we all know the earlier decades(mainly 60s and 70s) produced the most coons, with 80s babies being the most DL niggas

Proof is in the pudding, 90s babies have lower rates of teenage pregnancy, homicide, blacc on blacc crime, auto theft, babies addicted to cracc, drop out rates etc....
We saving the race

Look at these stats:2i29yiw.jpg


" Among black women aged 15–19, the nationwide pregnancy rate fell by 45% (from 223.8 per
1,000 to 122.7) between 1990 and 2005, before increasing to 126.3 in 2006. "

link^^ http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/USTPtrends.pdf

And we know damn sho this muffuka right hea aint no damn 90s baby:

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