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So whats the story behind Deathrow? It's cash/profits?

AlkindusAlkindus Posts: 1,677 ✭✭✭
edited December 2011 in The Social Lounge
I was watching an old skool doc about Deathrow records, the whole interscope/time warner coupe, explaining everything from the beginning with Mike Harris n Suge Knight, the relations with David Kenner etc up untill the end where Suge got 9 years for a prohibition violation, the doc ended with a bro saying that Deathrow was sold for 400 million dollars and that the 'feds' don't investigate how Suge Knight got Harris his money/starting capital for Deathrow/God Father ent cause that would mean they would not only have to jail Deathrow fellas but also folks from Interscope, Time warner and so on

So I was wondering if any of you have more insight on this, are there any new docs regarding this subject, I heard Harris got his money back? are there any investigations regarding David Kenner etc?

lol the oldskool doc was called 'welcome to deathrow'

with these bros:

Frank Alexander ... Himself - Tupac Shakur's Bodyguard
Sam Gideon Anson ... Himself - Investigative Reporter: L.A. Weekly
William J. Bennett ... Himself (archive footage)
Lamont Blumfield ... Himself - Artist Manager: Kurupt
John 'B.J.' Bryant ... Himself - Former Security Officer: Death Row Records (as BJ)
Hank Caldwell ... Himself - Former President: Death Row Records
Jonathan Clark ... Himself - Former Executive: Motown Records

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs ... Himself - CEO: Bad Boy Records (archive footage)
The D.O.C. ... Himself - The D.O.C.
Ton Def ... Himself - Rap Artist

Nate Dogg ... Himself - Rap Artist

Snoop Dogg ... Himself - Rap Artist
Bob Dole ... Himself - U.S. Senator (archive footage)

Dr. Dre ... Himself - Rap Artist / Producer
Eazy-E ... Himself - Member of NWA (archive footage) (as Eazy E)
Flipside ... Himself - Rap Artist
Michael Fuchs ... Himself - Former Chairman: Warner Music Group (archive footage)
Allen Gordon ... Himself - Former Editor: Rap Pages Magazine
Simone Green ... Herself - Former Staff Photographer: Death Row Records
Greedy Greg ... Himself - Rap Artist
Atron Gregory ... Himself - Former Manager: Tupac Shakur
Dick Griffey ... Himself - CEO: Solar Records
Lydia Harris ... Herself - Wife of Michael Harris
Michael Harris ... Himself (archive footage)
Jerry Heller ... Himself - Former President: Ruthless Records (archive footage)
Heroin ... Himself - Former Employee: Death Row Records

Vanilla Ice ... Himself - Rap Artist
Joseph Isgro ... Himself - CEO: Private Eye Records
Gary Jackson ... Himself - Music Journalist
Rick 'Pretty Ricky' James ... Himself - Rap Artist
Jewell ... Herself - Rap Artist
Mario 'Chocolate' Johnson ... Himself - Songwriter
Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn ... Himself - Former Music Editor: Hollywood Reporter
David Kenner ... Himself - Attorney (archive footage)
Sardar Khan ... Rapper - Candyman 187
Jay King ... Himself - Record Producer
Marion 'Suge' Knight ... Himself - CEO: Death Row Records
Komacauzy ... Himself - Rap Artist
Karen Lee ... Herself - Publicist: Tupac Shakur (archive footage)
Joe Lieberman ... Himself - U.S. Senator (archive footage)

Kurt Loder ... Himself - Music Journalist: MTV (archive footage)
Miller London ... Himself - Former Executive: Motown Records
Matt McDaniel ... Himself - Videographer
Billy Moss ... Himself - Record Producer
Dan O'Dowd ... Himself
Dan O'Down ... Himself - Video Director

Master P ... Himself - CEO: No Limit Records
Paul Palladino ... Himself - Private Investigator
Rudy Pardee ... Himself - Artist Manager
John Payne ... Himself - Former Studio Engineer: Death Row Records
Kevin Powell ... Himself - Hip-Hop Journalist
George Pryce ... Himself - Former Director of Communications: Death Row Records
Dan Quayle ... Himself (archive footage)

Gobi M. Rahimi ... Himself (as Gobi)
Lionel Randolph ... Himself - Record Producer
The Rated R ... Himself - Hip-Hop Artist (as Rated R)
RBX ... Himself - Rap Artist
M.C. Ren ... Himself - Founding Member of NWA
Virgil Roberts ... Himself - Attorney / Former President: SOLAR Records

Tupac Shakur ... Himself (archive footage)
Studio Tone ... Himself - Record Producer
C. Delores Tucker ... Herself - Head of National Political Congress of Black Women (archive footage)
Angela Wallace ... Herself - Attorney
Michael Warren ... Himself - Defense Attorney: Tupac Shakur (archive footage)
Alonzo Williams ... Himself - Record Producer
Norman Winter ... Himself - Former Publicist: Death Row Records
Doug Young ... Himself - Record Promoter

David Daniel ... Himself (uncredited)
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