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Is The Secret To Getting And Maintaining Wealth Giving Away More Than You Earn?

toomytoomy Posts: 369
edited December 2011 in The Social Lounge
According to the Bhavad Gita/Song Celestial Chapter 5 the lord who in the Gita is Yahweh incarnated as Krishna what's us to renounce works for fruits so that we may live a more enriching life or in one of 3 ways. Krishna- "To cease from works is well, and to do supreme; but of these twain the better way is his who working piously refraineth not". That is the true renouncer, firm and fixed, who seeking nought, rejecting nought. detaching end from act. This world's Lord makes neither the work, nor passion for the work, nor lust for fruit of work; the man's own self pushes to these."

So if I'm translating these texts right to please God a person should not work for money but for charity/ or purpose and or give away most of what he earns for charity. I would guess that if you made $40,000 a year and gave away about $25,000 to charity all will be good between you and the lord. This is way more than the 10 percent people give to their church.

More text in link...

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