Your Most Valuable Book or Collectible And How Are You Comics Arranged

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I was on a site that sells vintage comics, shit like Action Comics #1 (Supes first appearance,) Detective Comics #27 (The Batman's first appearance). Most of my comics aren't worth a lot of money. I'm a fanboy first, an investor second. However I do have one valuable book which is Amazing Spider-Man# 300 which is the first appearance of Venom. This book in mint condition is going for $1150-$1250. Seeing these prices is enough to pique my interest enough get my copy appraised. I'm not going to sale it, I just wondering how much it's worth.

As far as arrangement four long boxes. One long box dedicated to Action Comics. One current series long box, two canceled series long boxes. One short box for miniseries and annuals, and one dedicated short for G.I. Joe.


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