50 Cent has more classic albums and timeless songs than Tupac

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50 Cent has 3 certified, undoubtable classic albums in Get Rich or Die Tryin, The Massacre, and BISD while Pac has only All Eyes on Me that is regarded as an undoubtable classic. 7 Day Theory and Me Against The World are always debated, but never considered timeless classics.

When you look at individual songs too like Many Men, Ghetto Qu'ran, How To Rob etc...all more memorable and less dated than Tupac's songs.

Ask a random man on the street to name five 50 Cent songs, then ask him to name 5 Pac songs, i guarantee he will name the 50 songs with ease and could only probably name "California Love" or something from Pac cuz Tupac is dated for modern listeners.


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