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The American Dream I see Through He- Dedicated to my Newborn Son

edited January 2012 in Waiting To Exhale
He opens doors through gumline speech
screech the rage of society
and reach for the stars
this is the epitome of what joy can bring
through the ups and downs of midnight haunting melodies
of his moans of revolution and cries of destiny
edge the sword he swings his hands so fierce
hair moving in motion like fire within souls
time to do more than just point fingers
pick up your bottle, suck the life out of it and go back to sorrow
borrow time and take it one step at a tip toe
babysteps into a new beginning
let the pain go
yea its hard to follow because you have yet to speak
so used of being confine in a cell making it hard to teach
you learn by guidance and those that preach
something within you explore beyond reach
it touches you and makes you stronger
learn the trade, crawl, walk and go wander
the wonder of your eyes as you realize that life isn't such a blunder
thunder claps from the audience of two
as you understand words come out when its needed
a simple greet can open doors
so my precious child roam free
let the dream of american truth
open the eyes that are used to seeing lies


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