jennifer wants david to get a real job

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The 30-year-old “Dreamgirls” star should be on top of the world with a new mansion, beautiful baby boy and svelte new figure. But she’s said to be devastated that Otunga, a Harvard-educated lawyer, won’t give up his career in the wacky world of professional wrestling.

“It’s really hurting their romance and their life together,” revealed an insider.

Muscular David had landed a coveted position at a prestigious law firm, “but now he’s having too much fun as a wrestler,” added the source.

“Jennifer wants him to have a career in a serious profession rather than the circus world of pro wrestling. But he told her he can always go back to being an attorney. Right now he’s in great physical shape and loves what he’s doing.

“So they are at a crisis point in the relationship.”

Jennifer began dating 6-foot-1, 225-pound David – dad to her 2-year-old boy David Jr. – in late 2007, and he proposed to the multi-talented entertainer nine months later on her birthday in September.

The singer, who recently bought a Chicago mansion, “is getting fed up with David,” said the source. “Jennifer makes millions while David earns about $200,000 annually.”

She already postponed the wedding because he didn’t want to sign a prenup – and now he’s determined to keep wrestling.

The huge income gap is keeping a chokehold on their marriage plans until David decides on a time schedule for trading his wrestling career for something more responsible and lucrative.

Concludes the source: “It’s time for David to grow up.”

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why does she care she makes millions anyway


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