When its all said and done Tom Brady will be the greatest QB of all-time..........

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No other QB has done more with less...........He's definitely in the convo w/ Montana Elway and Marino.......People might say he's a system QB but how many Super Bowls has Belicheck won b4 Brady............He has taken a team who Defense is rank 31st in the league 2 the AFC championship they're #1 receiver is a Tight End(Gronk) and Dieon Branch they have no running game to speak of.....Brady has never led a loser. Never had a losing season Montana had Jerry Rice (GOAT) for 2 of his 4 SB wins but Brady won 3 with Troy Brown...He has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories, and it would have been four had it not been for a miracle catch by David Tyree that ended their perfect season. In his four Super Bowl games, Brady has thrown for 1,001 yards, seven touchdowns to one interception, and a 95.1 QB rating, winning the Super Bowl MVP Award twice. If he gets a SB win wit this squad I have no choice but to crown the Boy he had a betta career than alot of Greats QBs of all-time
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