Why is Black Thought always omitted from top 5 conversations?

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It's really a travesty. I feel safe saying he might be the most consistent rapper ever. Yes, more consistent than Nas. More consistent than Ghostface. More consistent than Common Sense.

And it's not like he's just consistently good. Consistently great and has always been a top tier rap artist in terms of artistry. Black Thought hands down has the best on stage mic control of any MC. I won't mention the overall stage show (which in my opinion is the best in hip hop) because he has The Roots backing him and it's not fair. He has a variety of flows. Substance in his verses but he can also just get busy. Matter fact, I think he bodied Rap City the Basement harder than anyone. And him and his crew always deliver great albums.

So is it because he's in a group? Not enough impact? He isn't controversial enough?

To be honest with you, he isn't in my top 5 but he's definitely in my top 10. I just think it's disrespectful how his name isn't even brought up after all the work he's put in and his longevity.


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