Back in the Day: My Life and Times with Tupac Shakur

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Any of you Pac-a-roaches read this book about Tupac's highschool days?



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    I know its old news, but we got a new IC and apparently we gotta drag up all old subjects.


    Whats up with this story from the book about Pac hanging out with gay guys in his dance class and having orgys with em?

    “I was fucking white girls,” he recalled years later of his teen years at the Baltimore School for the Arts, a Fame-like performing arts high school. Once, he promised sex to a gay male student named Eskiah if he’d help Tupac land a hard-to-get girl named Kelly. Eskiah made it happen, but Tupac reneged: “After I bust my nut, Eskiah was like, ‘When’s my turn?…’ :-O :-O :-S
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    Nope never heard of this.

    What's it about?
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    I dunno. Bout to order the book off Amazon wanted to see if anybody here read it.

    Whats crazy is that if this story was about any other rapper (*cough* BIG) there would be 50-11 threads about it and a dissertation about the devilish nature of performing arts programs.
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    i read it....pac played the gay dude....
    he wanted the girl to go to his house so he could hit it but she would only go if the gay guy came but he was cock blocking something pac said let me fuck her and ill fuck you then the gay guy gets all excited and leaves pac and the girl alone...when pacs done the gay dude thinks it his turn and pac says get the fuck out of here lol......its a good book though you should get it
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    yea i really don't care bout this nigga high school days
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    Good looks. From the excerpt it made it seem like dude was in the room watching/ participating.
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