When will the next Tupac album come out?

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What's the latest news on the upcoming Tupac album?

Does anybody know?

Are there any unreleased tracks coming out? or being re-made so to speak lol.

We all know how that turned out with the pitch and tempo's being altered and him sayin certain phrase's that he didn't say ("2005..." "Drop dat shit Em" lol) but I'm just sayin, I've been waiting for a new Pac album for like 6 years now.

The last "Official" one that I can remember was "Pac's Life".

Then the last thing I heard was that they were going to release a lot of the original versions of the songs on his "R U Still Down?" album including the original "R U Still Down?" Track itself.

I wanna hear Pac over some new 2012 stuff. And get his legacy relevant to today's fans.

Then I kept hearing that they were going to be releasing a lot of his 96' Death Row Records material "as is".

So what's up? does anybody know what's goin down over at Amaru Entertainment? And when the next Pac album will be released?

Let me know.


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