Hi Ladies

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Welcome back to the IC. Bring some new friends ;-)


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    Hello Greg !

    I don't know if my girls are down for all the usual harassment drama and bs that comes with being a female poster on the IC... but I'll ask lol
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    Let me tell you something. We are in the process of cleaning all of that up, so that you will free to post and comment like everyone else. So you feel free to encourage your ladies to post, and we will continue to do our job with keeping this community a place where everyone can feel free to express themselves. We aren't here to be the police, but I will still do whatever I want with this site in terms of the members and how they act. You don't like it go somewhere else.
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    Uhhh ... ok

    I've been a member here for years and a mod of the PR for almost the whole time . Nothing has ever kept me from posting what or how I want. BUT I have seen how ladies get treated and are ran off in other rooms.

    I along with Haute.. and at one point Dark Goddess and Red ....have kept this room relativly free of drama and female bashing.

    I do hope the changes you have made will improve the quality of your site and attract more members
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    Thanks. I wasn't referring to you, I was referring to "them." LOL
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    oh got it

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