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throwback: Aretha Franklin "A Rose Is Still A Rose"

soulatlanticsoulatlantic Posts: 346
edited February 2012 in R&B & Alternatives

I've been listening to this album a lot recently, and I was wondering how everyone else feels about it.
I'm probably Aretha's biggest fan, and therefore I love this album, but i really LOVE this album. Clive Davis is a genius for the way he brought in hip hop producers to update her sound. I mean c'mon, who ever thought we'd see Aretha working with Lauryn Hill, Puffy and JD? she jus sounds so good over these beats

if you don't have this album, get it.
my favorite tracks are A Rose Is Still A Rose (prod, written, and feat. Lauryn Hill), Never Leave You Again (prod by Diddy), Here We Go Again (prod by JD) [also, fun fact, this incorporates the same sample as Janet's All For You], I'll Dip (prod by Dallas Austin), and The Woman (written/prod by Aretha)

here's a few links to songs (my bad, i suck at embedding youtube videos lol)
A Rose Is Still A Rose (music video, note the cameos):
Here We Go Again (music video):
I'll Dip:
The Woman:
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