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XXL Freshman Class of 2013' Trademark Aaron

MerkaferMerkafer Posts: 6
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Meet Trademark Aaron...

A blue collar worker is hoping to see his name in lights. Trademark Aaron – or as he was known at Boone County High School, Mark Aaron Glacken – is releasing his second album “Prelude to Greatness” Feb. 28. In middle school, Aaron was introduced to hip-hop icons like the Wu-Tang Clan and Nas and fell in love. Hip-hop seemed like a natural transition from his poetry, said Aaron, 26. A preview video for the album (available on YouTube) shows Aaron waking up and going to his job, waiting for the day to end so he can go pursue his dream and perform. The video isn’t too far off from reality, Aaron said “I’ve gone out of town and done shows, drove home that night and gone to work the next morning,” Aaron said. “There’s no feeling like putting on a show.” “Prelude to Greatness” is the follow-up to his debut “Good Over Here” and the new album is a product of two years of growth, Aaron said. In his short career, those performances are moving to bigger and more important stages. In the past, he’s opened for some of his heroes including members of the Wu-Tang Clan and legends like Talib Kweli. As the release of “Prelude to Greatness” draws near, Aaron hopes to work out a few dates for shows and an album release party. The shows and album, Aaron hopes, will help contribute to the hip-hop scene in Kentucky, something he admits isn’t strong right now, but he dreams it will grow. “I want to represent Kentucky,” he said. - Writer For Cincinnati Enquirer Justin B. Duke

This is the debut album from Kentucky Hip Hop artist Trademark Aaron. Hes making quite the name for himself over the past couple years. Below you'll find the link to download his debut album "Prelude To Greatness" as well as YouTube links to his videos for you to view. Be sure to follow him on twitter @TrademarkAaron and like the Facebook page as well. You'll find all his material on iTunes. Share it with your friends on facebook & twitter too.
Visit www.TradeMarkAaron.com for all your TradeMark Aaron news & updates!! Yeah Man

Download "Prelude To Greatness" Here. Release Date February 28th, 2012



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