I think i have broken down the traits of the average Iggy Cosigner.

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A) White Boys pretending they some black folk

B) Self Hating Blacks trying to mask this behavior as "new or refreshing to a stale genre"

C) Uncle Tom ass niggas that think just cause they get invited to frat parties on the weekends that WE ARE THE ONES THAT GOT THE WHOLE RACISM THING WRONG

D) Uncle Tom ass niggas that got tired of being asked "why you only date white bitches"

E) Self Hating Blacks that have poor hygiene, (im talking visible white worms all over your nose), don't shower on the regular, can't get NO PUSSY yet blames everyone else for this so they cling to something that allows them to project their self hate.

F) Herb Ass/Fat Niggas that stay stuck in the friendzone for all eternity
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