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I know there are other dudes and chicks who wonder's the same thing


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    IF she is breathing.
    Lurker6[Deleted User]shiekyol_buddy
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    Few years back I was squating a ton of weigh n/h. And it was just me and this bad milf bitch in the weight room. I lost my balace doing too much and fell. It was super embarassing.

    Otherwise its only out of shape middle aged women asking me how old I am.
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    i dont try to shoot at women in the gym

    for the most part, they seem to be tryna handle business.
    Craig Robinson
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    dog you got gym groupies, the ones that treat the gym as a social club, or either in the parking lot.

    never in the gym tho. makes you look sleazy.
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    Never. Nothing worse than a guy trying to get at you when you're a sweaty, out of breath mess..especially if I have to remove my ear bud to hear wtf he's trying to say.

    But if you just HAVE to..try to catch her when she's leaving or coming out of the locker room or something..not mid-squat.

    This. Having your workout interrupted sucks. But being followed out of the gym isn't a good look either. I wouldn't recommend doing it at all.
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    LOL..I meant leaving the workout area, don't get your ass maced trying to follow her out in the parking lot.

    I've been followed out of the gym a few times and it's creepy. lol I don't know why some men don't get that.

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    don't do it ...... at least don't do it mid workout.
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    park next to her.
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    maybe if you see her on more than one occasion you can slowly build a convo

    but the gym is just one of those places ppl be focused on them.

    but if you HAVE to have her, go for it.
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    park next to her.

    good one

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    Damn thanks for the input, there are nice ones and i do recieve stares but im not the interrupt your workout type. Plus if I get declined shit is gonna be weird seeing her. jus a question no one really in mind
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    thats a good point kat. prob why i never holler at anybody at the gym.
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    thats one place i wont ever try to talk to women.
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    MrsWest wrote: »
    LOL..I meant leaving the workout area, don't get your ass maced trying to follow her out in the parking lot.

    I've been followed out of the gym a few times and it's creepy. lol I don't know why some men don't get that.

    I got one rule concerning women in the gym: "Look but don't touch"

    but with all that ass you got
    even a fella of my formidable will probably would try his luck

    shiekyu. motion
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    lol nah but for real I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I never try to holla I might try just as an experiment for this thread
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    That's a bad idea. Looking is obviously going to happen especially if the girls look good in her gym clothes but actually approaching is a no no. I wouldn't talk to a guy at my gym. I made that mistake once and it was awkward I had to change gym locations. :/
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    You're suppose to go to the gym to get beefy. Nh.
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    I actually got this chick of this female from the gym at a gas station one day.

    I never noticed her in the gym but she saw me.

    Anyway she finally asked for my number at the gas station apparently she saw me a few times in the gym and was like I would've asked you the last time I saw you in the gym but I was all sweaty so I didn't want to.

    So being that a female feels the gym isn't the place to really ask for a number I would definitely be against it.

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    easily, I'll just tell her She fit, Im fit. I gotta different exercise at home, you should consider my workout plan
    shiekycaddo man
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    Nothing wrong with it, just has to be done properly. Like got dayum, most gyms have fine ass receptionists and they tend to be in the lounge areas just waiting for time to pass and will talk to anyone - what about them chicks ? I say if she bad enough and you like her go talk to her.
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    They usually make the first move. I'm to busy doing my thing
  • I think its a bad idea, but if you think your game is tight, gon head.
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    this thread just fucked up my plans for next week

    yo man im telling you, i dont fuck with red dot indians, but last friday man im telling you. this girl came thru her first day at the gym looking like a million dollar bill. she was trying to get to one of those aerobics type deals with the music. i guess some zumba shit. but she went to a locked door when i was shooting around at the courts. so i said fuck it and went to go "help" her LOL i was holding doors for her getting her to the class etc. she was telling me it was her first day. then niggas came thru and wanted to run full court. so of course mid way thru the game baby girl slips out. i seen out the corner of my eye while fighting thru a screen that she was leaving. she even looked my way as if to say "thanks for helping me!!!"

    i have to be there this friday to hollar. and yes i looked at her left hand for the wedding ring, it wasnt there.

    so you mean to tell me this is a no no??

    how about if i "lose" my phone and have her call it for me and then "coincidentally" bombard her with compliments and use the "give me sympathy" "im doing good but you could make it better" route??

    technically thats not "hitting" on her. its all within the proximity laws of human interaction. if two ppl are within the same 10 foot radius for a common cause, any chemical reactions that take place are considered natural ....... right???
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    its better to try to get a read off them first before u make that potential fatal move...that way you kinda know
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