Bass Detuned When Uploading Beats

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Sometimes on sights such as I notice that the low end of my tracks sounds detuned. Has anyone else noticed this? I suspect it may have to do with compression they put on the file. Any thoughts?


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    i think that might depend on the rate you export your tracks in whatever program you use. I noticed that if I make my beats at a lower bitrate but export it at a higher bitrate with my asio soundcard active, it dramatically changes some of the dynamics of the track...I, however, havent noticed any changes to my music when I upload on SC.
  • bkbrownbkbrown Posts: 7
    Try listening to it in your music program. soundcloud doesn't seem to do anything to the file

    low bass naturally tends to sound detuned
  • Yea you might want to check your software. I have noticed soundcloud uploads sound the best when you upload WAV instead of MP3. What software are you using?
  • I'm using cubase 6. Under more scrutiny I realized it only seems to happen on tracks with REALLY low bass and only when I have my headphones cranked. So I think it is just sort of an illusion... thanks y'all.
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