GOAT Hip Hop Rants

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When I say rants, I mean them just talking on the track, talkin mad shit, talkin shit bout somebody they dont like, something they do like, bout bitches, weed, politics anything. n YO when u postin ur shit make sure u post the mark of where the artist starts ranting. Or jus drop quotables, but preferrably videos

50 cent dissin the fuck outta wu-tang. starting at 1:35 *highlight* 1:50 "Peace God, what happened to all that gansgta shit? dirty staten island niggas, pickin roaches out cereal boxes" hahahahahaha

This rant was EPIC starts @ 2:40. but he starts gettin at Fabolous HEAVY at 3:40 "u a big ass trick, i know alotta bitch, this nigga get around bitches n get shy dont know what to say so he rather pay for pussy, minute man, bitches laugh at this nigga, got no personality"

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