What is the best SUV? None...

DonnieCDonnieC Posts: 13
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From what I've driven, I've yet to find an SUV that can have me say "this is the one"..

But I still have a Top 5, and even #1 isn't anything special, what d'you guys think??

My Top 5 SUVs:

1. Mercedes ML63 AMG [Pro - Sexy | Con - Surprisingly bumpy]
2. Porsche Cayenne S Turbo [Pro - It's handles like a beast | Con - Looks like a pu**y]
3. Audi Q7 [Pro - Sexy | Con - I had an Engine fault under 35k Miles]
4. BMW X6 [Pro - That BMW drive | Con - That BMW Drive in an SUV]
5. Lexus RX450 [Pro - Hybrid! | Con - Drives like sh*t]


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