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It looks official now, after not airing for weeks Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation deletes DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz Show from their weekly program. It’s a sad day for us, they took down the big and legendary ambassador of underground hip hop from the radio waves.

While DJ Premier already gave comments about the situation last week on his Twitter account we could only understood that there are contract issues with Hip Hop Nation that needs to be straighten out. But now Hip Hop Nation deleted the DJ from their site and program.

Does this mean we can forget about the Premo exclusives after years and years of dedication? Lets hope for the best!


This was an excellent show, although I was unable to get Sirus XM, I found a way to listen to it on a radio app (name escapes me right now). This show for the past 2 years I've heard it, I absolutely loved it! Dope mixes, new shit dropping, dope interviews, it had it all. IMHO I believe because they were not getting a certain amount of listeners tuning in, they couldn't make the buck. In which I think this is very unfortunate, because with this show and DJ Eclipse's Rappers Outta Control Radio Show on Sundays gave a great perspective on how hip hop really sounds. But like great shows that get cancelled too fast, I feel this show was cancelled without a proper audience.

Now my thoughts on this show, I've tried to listen to it at least once a week, but lately its been hard. But this show singlehandedly introduced me to many new tracks and artists, so I feel that this radio show should move to a new venue, a more independent venue, something of which they could still have people listen in.


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