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top ten things ni99as should know in 2012

judahxulujudahxulu Posts: 3,988 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 2012 in R & R (Religion and Race)
10.) You ain't a thug by a long shot. You just emotional with a pistol. The real thugs are the U.S. government. Unless you can run up in somebodys spot, kill most of their family and then put the surviors in the corner of the back yard to live THEN go back to the hood and tell everybody how you "discovered" that spot you ran up in, then your level of gangsta will not reign supreme.

9.) You ain't a pimp neither ( refer to #10)

8.) If you ain't sharpened up your spirituality and survival skills by the time the u.s. economy finishes collapsing then you in trouble buddy.

7.) Most rappers don't really sell crack and if they do its dumb as hell and an even dumber topic to rap about constantly. Give it a rest. Its not the 80s no more. Most dealers are less than minimum wage makers.

6.) Prison is not cool.

5.) Talking dumb, looking dumb and acting dumb is not cool.

4.) Your butt hanging out the back of your pants will one day attract attention you don't want (refer to #6)

3.) Encouraging and supporting the "my girl got a girlfriend" trend will backfire on you. Now your competition comes from not only other men but women with penis envy.

2.) Anybody can take a life but the true sign of toughness is to enhance life while the world around you rotates on death.

1.) "....the fact is you ain't a nigga cause you black,
You a nigga cause a how you act/"
(Pre-hollywood moist acting) Cee-Lo Green "The Nigga Experience"

BONUS: The blind pursuit of swag is the gateway drug to mamby pamby meterosexual mannerisms.
BodhiStoneColdMikeyAmotekunTriple B's


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